Indiana’s growing economy needs smart, motivated young people to become leaders and make the most of the opportunity in our state. Thanks to recent education reforms, more students are able to find the school that is best for them, regardless of their parents income level or zip code. School choice reforms include an opportunity scholarship program that enables low and middle income families to pay for private school tuition, if that is best for their child. The average scholarship is $3,867 and  enabled over 32,000 students to attend the school of their choice last year.

Indiana is also offering thousands of students more opportunity through charter schools and public school choice. Charter schools allow entrepreneurial teachers and administrators to innovate unique curriculum and classrooms. Not every charter is right for all students, but they are often just the right school for the students who choose to attend. Public school choice programs allow students to attend public schools that are not in their district.

Thanks to these and other reforms, Indiana has become a national leader in school choice, offering parents more options than almost any other state in the country.